Meet Falon

Minimalistic choreographer, Falon Baltzell has wrestled with a black piano bench while wearing pearls and citing T.S. Eliot; dove into a blue sleeping bag (in an orange fruit field) wearing a snorkel, flippers and a yellow raincoat; allowed balled up office paper to fall on her head; and danced in and around 10-foot tall orange cylinder structures, among other feats of minimal-spatial exploration. Her research, Spatial Landscape as a Distilled Vision, has guided her choreographic journey of investigating space, or the illusion of space, as a tool for movement design.

Baltzell has been an educator teaching movement efficiency through the Bill Evans Method of Teaching at such places as Ohio Dance Festival, SUNY Brockport, ACDFA (Penn State and Hofstra University), Kona Performing Arts, and master classes for communities she is a part of. Baltzell directed the upper school dance program at Hathaway Brown School for three years, where she taught the Bill Evans Method to middle and high school students in courses of Creative Dance, Choreography, Technique (modern, ballet, jazz), Contact Improvisation, and Ensemble.

Baltzell received the Bates Teacher Fellowship and full scholarship from the Bates Dance Festival; a professional training program for educators. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance (Performance and Choreography) from SUNY Brockport, a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Education from The University of Southern Mississippi and a K-12 Licensure. Baltzell received the Outstanding Dance Educator from The University of Southern Mississippi, a Graduate Assistant Fellowship from SUNY Brockport, multiple summer-study scholarships for the Bill Evans Teachers’ Intensives, and funding for professional development endeavors in NYC, OH, ME, MA, NY State, HI, and Mexico.

She has served as a Field Tester for the Ohio Arts Council, current Co-Chair of Creation and Presentation for the World Dance Alliance-Americas, and a member of the National Dance Education Organization. Commissions for choreography include: Big Box Series, Cincy Fringe and Society of New Music.

Baltzell enjoys engaging in professional development endeavors and performing her choreography locally, nationally and internationally at festivals, conferences, site specific venues and concert stages. Recent choreographic residences include working with students at the MacDuffie School, and a one-month Water Rights Residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Baltzell currently serves as the Artistic Director of The Wooden Floor (